Friday, June 12, 2009


The news reported that the Lawyer of the Royal Government of Cambodia has filed a law suite to the Phnom Penh Court against the most popular and pro-government daily newspaper called Reaksmey Kampuchea. The purposes of the law case were not released but the court source told Deum Ampil News that the case is complicated. As the reason of the law suit has not been released, many of the people are confused to give the different ideas on the case. Some of the thinkers think that the law case against Reaksmey Kampuchea daily newspaper which is the pro government newspaper is don to show and to hide. What to show and what to hide? To show, the government wanted to show that the government is fair to fulfill its duties. Not only the opposition voices are sued but also the pro-government voices are also sued if they have mistake. To hide, the government does not want the national and international factors to see that the government is forbidden all the opposition voice. The government have used the court to close the voice from the opposition and if they don't give any sue to the pro-government voices, the national and international would see that the government is trying to get opposition voice closed.

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